Managing your construction projects in the format that works best for you.
Whether you are looking for a General Contractor or a Design Build Company, Baruzzini Contracting can help and has extensive experience in project delivery contracts. We understand the complexity of managing construction quality, budget, and schedule while still ensuring the proper communication with our clients.  

When you partner with Baruzzini Contracting we make your goals our goals, we make your priorities our priorities, and we make your successful project the only acceptable outcome.
General Contracting (GC) is the term used to describe the supervisory work performed by the entity responsible for managing and building a project designed by an outside architect and/or designer. It is often referred to as Design-Bid-Build and, in most cases, the construction documents are complete prior to subcontractor bidding. The GC's role is to oversee important renovation and building projects, manage and hire subcontractors and other labor in construction projects. The GC acts as the supervisor of the entire project and ensures that the subcontractors are doing their job and being paid for it correctly and in a timely manner. During the process the GC is in direct contact with the client and works closely with the building architect and/or designer.

At Baruzzini Contracting, we have completed a plethora of contracts working as a General Contractor and are very comfortable in this format. However, we are not just an administrative office. Having our own construction forces, we have the ability to perform demolition, land balancing, underground utility work, and all forms of concrete placement with our own forces.  This puts us in the unique position to save our clients money while providing the very best quality on a timely schedule.
Design Build is a construction project delivery method in which both the design and construction services are contracted by a single entity rather than having a seperate contract with an architect/designer. In this format, the client only needs one contract with Baruzzini Contracting and we will ensure the design, documentation, and construction fall within the specified budget and schedule and with the highest quality.

Over three-quarters of our projects within the past thirty years have been completed utilizing the Design Build format, many for repeat clients. Our overwhelming success in this format can be attributed directly to honesty and integrity. As the sole point of contact, a client must have complete trust in the Design Builder and we do not take that trust lightly. Through open communication and a step-by-step review process, we will educate and guide you through the various options available for successful project and ensure that the chosen design and construction type best meet your needs, your budget, and your schedule.

At Baruzzini Contracting, we are also licensed architects with extensive experience in commercial design and construction. This means that you can work directly with our design professionals during the design while allowing our project estimators to continually update and modify the projected building costs. This ensures that the project is designed to meet the project budget and alleviates the normal "Value Engineering" (cost-cutting) process that so often occurs in a Design-Bid-Build format. At the end of the design process with our team you can have a quality design with a complete understanding of the upcoming completed project. All with a guaranteed maximum construction cost.
Pre-Engineered Buildings have the ability to provide tremendous benefits to a project. Often less expensive and faster construction, they have their place in modern construction practices. However, they are not always appropriate for specific construction projects or portions thereof. At Baruzzini Contracting, we have been constructing Pre-Engineered facilities for more than three decades.  We have worked with many Pre-Engineered building manufacturers and we understand and will guide you through the pros and cons of each.

This extensive experience with Pre-Engineered buildings, coupled with our in-house architectural and engineering resources gives us the unique ability to thoroughly review and compare various construction types and/or Pre-Engineered building manufacturers to determine the best and most cost-effective solution your particular project. In the end, we will provide you the very best facility package to meet both your functional and budgetary requirements while upholding your project schedule and the highest quality.
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